Research posts

The research – in line with many of my works – centers around the diorama. The definition of a diorama has been diffuse and subject to changes over time, but my focus lies on full scale models – or simulations – of an either fiction- or reality-based scene, with a distinct illusionistic quality.

The diorama is, as with the bulk of all contemporary art works, explicitly non-interactive.

Emoji proposals

Attempting to make artistic additions to the internet and consumer technology: the emoji.In June 2020, I submitted two proposals for emoji, to be added to the expanding digital pictogram vocabulary.
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195.1 million views

Preface An animated GIF consumer technology exploration: 16.03.2019 – 22.05.2020 Between March 2019 and May 2020, I made a series of works on my iPhone 5s, using a combination of digital ready-mades – publicly available …
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Mistakes: the artist talk

HD, colour/sound, 20’20”, 2020 Wednesday, April 29, 2020 anno covidii, I was supposed to give a talk over lunch at the end of my two months involvement with Residency Unlimited in Brooklyn, New York. …
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AMNH part 1

March, 9, 2020. First visit to the American Museum of Natural History. We’re about 6 weeks into the Covid-19 corona virus frenzy, which became global right before I traveled to the U.S. as …
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The Artist in His Museum

Charles Wilson Peale (1741 – 1827) was an American painter, scientist, naturalist and inventor. He’s most known for his portraits, and for setting up one the first museums in the United States. Peale’s famous self …
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Himalaya at Dawn

Powell Cotton Museum | Quex House & Gardens | Birchington, UK | | Visited June 2019 | Himalaya at dawn (constructed in 1905) is considered to be ‘the oldest untouched diorama of …
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